This week I’ve filed a complaint (Ref. No. 14-C00554488) against WKYC with the Federal Communications Commission (which grants broadcast licenses to television stations), regarding Armond Budish’s fraudulent Sunday morning TV show “Golden Opportunities”. For 15 years, County Executive Candidate Armond Budish has pimped advertisers to vulnerable seniors without ever telling them his “guest experts” are in fact paying advertisers, lining his pockets by fleecing seniors. Some “Golden Opportunity”.

Moreover, WKYC’s flimsy disclaimer (click to download) which airs before and after the program identifies only Armond Budish’s front company, Elder Productions, LLC, as the sponsor. WKYC’s Terry Moir emailed me as follows.

I have attached a short video which shows you the disclaimer that runs BOTH AT THE TOP AND BOTTOM OF EACH AND EVERY Golden Opportunities show. We are in complete compliance with the FCC rules.

Armond Budish never once has identified any of his “guests” or “experts” as representing Elder Productions, but Armond Budish makes sure viewers know where to find the businesses of his “guests” and “experts” to get their “advice”. Kinda doubt hanging your hat on a front company as “complete compliance with FCC rules” will fly. Which means WKYC may have violated FCC rules hundreds, if not thousands of times over the last 15 years.


Further, WKYC has referred to Armond Budish the entire second half of 2013 as the “frontrunner” for county executive, while Armond Budish remains on WKYC air fleecing seniors, and while WKYC takes Armond Budish’s money.

One of Armond Budish’s most regular “guests” is dentist Steven Marsh, who shills unnecessary cosmetic dental work. On Dr. Marsh’s website, Dr. Marsh happily pimps Armond Budish pimping Dr. Marsh. A regular pimptastic pimpfest.

And here’s what one patient thinks of Armond Budish’s Golden Opportunity.

Although the staff is pretty nice and the procedures are painless, make sure to be sitting on something low to the ground, as when they hand you the bill at the end of your appointment, there is a good chance that you will faint! This guy is EXTREMELY expensive and it’s not the quality of his work that he charges for – since it’s NOT that great – but his very overinflated opinion of his work quality and himself, that he’s got. Just an example, cleaning + X-Rays + so called oral exam (that involves nothing more than Dr Marsh grabbing your thongue through a piece of tissue and looking into your mouth for approximately 5 seconds!) will cost you around $420 (crown is $1600)! Absurd! Dr Marsh tends to create lots of buzz around himself by emphasizing the Golden Opportunities tv show that he sometimes is a guest on, but that’s only a way to get you in the office to spend your bucks on procedures that you can have done somewhere else for a 3rd of the cost with better results. When you are not quite satisfied with the results that you got and you mention that, Dr Marsh tends to be very condescending and very reluctant to make any adjustments to his work if HE thinks it’s good enough; in this case your opinion doesn’t really count.

And another.

I completely agree with the other review of this dentist. He is extremely expensive, condescending, etc… His opinion seems like the only opinion when you challenge him. I should have known by looking at the faces of the people in his waiting room. They all look unhappy but sometimes when you have “started” work, you feel compelled to follow through on an issue as you have paid soooo much – UPFRONT. The staff is very nice, but I won’t go back because it is really the dentist who you have to like and have trust in.

Those silly customers. If only they had taken the time to –

(a) pay attention to WKYC’s disclaimer about Elder Productions LLC (it airs twice!)

(b) dig through the Ohio Secretary of State’s corporations database for Elder Productions, LLC,

(c) find that Elder Productions LLC’s agent is an attorney named Michael Solomon,

(d) Google Michael Solomon’s address,

(e) find that Michael Solomon’s address matches that of Budish & Solomon,

(f) put 2 and 2 together to see how many times Michael Solomon appears on Golden Opportunities

(g) put 2 and 2 together to see how many times Dr. Steven Marsh appears on Golden Opportunities

(h) figure out that Armond Budish is a fraudulent pimp and not a “Senior Advocate”

Good thing that disclaimer is there!  Compliance! If my mother got a bill in the mail from one of Armond Budish’s “experts”, I would toss it, dare him to sue me, and set parental controls on her TV so Armond Budish never again appears in her living room.

Enough is enough. Cuyahoga County does not need another total fraud in office whose chief skill is weaving a flimsy tissue of lies, front companies, and labyrinths of scheisters into which he feeds vulnerable seniors in order to line his own pockets with their fixed incomes. And we don’t need our media playing right along, calling their pimp Armond Budish a “frontrunner” for months while profiting off the seniors Armond Budish has fleeced for 15 years.

Be notorious.


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