Tim in a box in Slavic Village

 Slavic Village, Old Brooklyn, Berea High

1967 – Born at St. Alexis Hospital in Slavic Village, baptized in St. Stanislaus Church
1972 – Family moved at age 4 from Hosmer Ave. in Slavic Village to Bucyrus in Old Brooklyn
1974-79 – Attended elementary school at Our Lady of Good Counsel on Pearl Road
1979 – Moved to Middleburg Hts, began middle school at Middleburg Hts. Junior High, running first campaign – Mitch Gruber for Student Council President.

Tim with Great Grandpa Russo

1985 – Graduated from Berea High School after 2 years as Editor of The Focus, BHS student newspaper. Began college at Bowling Green State University
1987 – Transferred to Cleveland State University, lived on campus for a quarter
1988 – CSU student intern for Dennis Kucinich primary challenge to Mary Rose Oakar, intern for Howard Metzenabaum’s re-election campaign.
1989 – Graduated with a BA in Political Science, minor in Economics from CSU

CWRU law school, work abroad, campaigns 

1989 – First worked abroad on a student work visa at the London, England office of the Cleveland law firm Jones, Day, sending faxes, making copies, serving tea.
1990 – Began law school at Case Western Reserve University, lived in Little Italy during 3rd year. Served on Student Bar Association student council, unsuccessfully ran for SBA president.

Tim & Grandma Krakowsk

1992 – Took leave of absence from law school to become NW Ohio Regional Field staff for Clinton/Gore. 
1993 – Summer representative of CWRU law school to sister schools in Hungary and Croatia.
1994 – Graduated with JD from CWRU, passed the Ohio Bar Exam.
1994 – Eastern Cuyahoga County field coordinator for Joel Hyatt for US Senate, focused on voter turnout.
1995 – Practiced law for one year, decided instead to begin a career in political consulting.
1996 – Campaign manager for Larry Friedman for Ohio House, spending a quarter of a million dollars to lose by 10 points.

1996 Clinton Gore Campaign

1996 – Ohio Field and Get-Out-The-Vote director for Clinton/Gore re-election.


UK, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan

1997 – UK Labour Party Visits Coordinator for Tony Blair’s first election as prime minister.
1997 – National Democratic Institute (NDI) field director for Armenia, OSCE accredited international observer to 1998 presidential election following a military coup.
1998 – New Hampshire Democratic Party coordinated campaign state director, winning NH state senate for Democrats for the first time in 86 years.
observer credential, 1998 Armenian presidential election

observer credential, 1998 Armenian presidential election

1999 – Senior field staff for NDI in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, & Kyrgyzstan, training thousands of political party activists & election observers, OSCE accredited international observer to 1999 Armenian parliamentary election.
2000 – Visitor exchange program for UK Labour Party staff to Ohio for Gore/Lieberman, all of whom left Cleveland the following week perplexed there still was no result.
2001 – UK Labour Party Visits Coordinator for Tony Blair’s re-election.
2001 – Pilot documentary film at UK Labour Party conference in Brighton, England 
training In Kyrgyzstan

training In Kyrgyzstan

 self destruction

2001 – Arrested for soliciting FBI agent posing as a minor in November
2002 – General Consultant for Tim Ryan for Congress, primary and general election campaigns, winning stunning primary victory over Tom Sawyer. Produced documentary of general election shot by UK filmmaker.
2002 – Plead guilty to 5th degree felony importuning, served 4 months probation, paid a fine, time served, no reporting required.
PD photo, 2001

PD photo, 2001


starting over 

2003 – Independent media analyst and political consultant based in London, England.Published travel writer on post Soviet Georgian wine culture.
2003 – Youth voter turnout project for British Embassy funded project in Latvia EU Accession Referendum.
2003 – Trained political parties through NDI programs in Kosovo & Croatia.
2004 – Launched Greater Ohio project for EcoCity Cleveland funded project, until board chased me off over my conviction.
2004 – Began years of retreat in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood.
2004 – Recruited, trained, and managed hundreds of Kerry/Edwards election day precinct challengers in 11th Congressional District.
West Bank election observation mission, 2004

West Bank election observation mission, 200

2004 – Launched first blog covering presidential election, OhioCountdown2004
2004 – Volunteer voter registration coordinator for 18 shows of the Dave Matthews Band summer tour with Headcount, partying backstage with Boyd Tinsley at the final show at The Gorge.
2004-2005 – Designed and implemented election observer training program in West Bank/Gaza, NDI accredited observer for December, 2004 local elections in the West Bank.
2005 – Launched first major blog – Democracy Guy, commenting on Ohio politics and foreign policy, documenting my NDI year in Armenia in unpublished manuscript.
2005 – UK Labour Party Visits Coordinator for Tony Blair’s second re-election campaign.
2005 – Launched Buckeye Politics blog, defunct in January, 2006
best new blog 2008

best new blog 20

2006 – Began 2 years volunteering on-air at WRUW 91.1, DJ for electronic music show The Raver’s Edge.
2005-2006 – Marketing Manager for Margaret Wong Immigration Attorneys for 3 awful months.
2007 – Decided to support Barack Obama for President.
2007 – Began blogging at Buckeye State Blog.
2008 – Launched Blogger Interrupted blog and Youtube channel.


2008 – Created over 70 Youtube videos, with The McCain Palin Mob  named Politico’s #7 Most Viral Video of the 2008 presidential campaign, launching an entirely new genre of film.
2008 – Aired one episode of Blog Talk on WRUW before being chased off air after two years as volunteer DJ on The Raver’s Edge electronic music show.
2009 – Joined James Renner to write for the Cleveland Independent, a short lived alternative weekly.
2009 – 2012 – Social Media consultant for various clients, including CWA social media training.
2009 – Joined Ohio’s blog of record at Plunderbund.com. Chased off at the end of 2010.
ahh, yard signs.

ahh, yard signs.

2010 – Ran for Cuyahoga County Council District 7, placing 12 votes out of 3rd in a 9 person primary, winning the highest turnout precincts by a landslide. 
2011-2013 – Worked with Tremont Electric, a floundering startup, casualty of a cat fight between leadership, defeating their three appeals of my unemployment compensation.
2011-2012 Documented Occupy Cleveland on video, trained, & organized non-violent civil disobedience direct action

2014 – candidate for County Executive finishing 3rd out of 6 candidates, beating out a former sheriff.