As a good Democrat, I support Ed FitzGerald for governor of Ohio. Ed has a unique opportunity to show leadership by voiding the no-bid, no oversight, $200,000 contract which MetroHealth signed with Armond Budish in December, 2011, before the next quarterly $25,000 check from county taxpayer money arrives at Budish’s office in April.

People are in federal prison right now because of practices like this. The Cuyahoga County Democratic Party is a universally mocked shell of itself because of practices like this. My last name is a punch line on the campaign trail because I have to say I’m “not related” to every voter I meet because of practices like this.

Voters in Cuyahoga County rejected this practice in 2009, creating the new county government FitzGerald was elected to lead in 2010. One year after FitzGerald is elected, a political crony is handed $200,000 of no-bid no oversight county money on a silver platter to put himself on television. That is not the “reform” voters were looking for in 2009. That Budish claims to receive not a single penny of this money himself is icing on the cake.

Armond Budish’s no-bid, no oversight six figure handout from county taxpayers is no different than the sin tax. A tiny minority of people with access because of their riches endlessly gorge themselves on public money for only one reason…because they can. The rest of us play by a different set of rules, in a rigged game that benefits only the already wealthy and powerful. It is morally wrong, Cuyahoga County voters rejected it in 2009, and it must stop. Ed FitzGerald has an opportunity to prove he can stop it.

Money must not govern us. We must govern ourselves. That is why I’m running for county executive.