In January, I filed an Ohio Open Records request with MetroHealth, which is a unit of Cuyahoga County government. I asked for all records since 2005 of any transactions or communications with Elder Productions, LLC, the entity which Armond Budish and WKYC say pays for Armond Budish’s 15 year old senior fleecing pimpfest…er…I mean TV show, “Golden Opportunities”. Links to the docs here, here, here, and here.

ArmonBudishForCountyExecutive2014The documents reveal that MetroHealth – i.e. Cuyahoga County Government –  has paid Elder Productions, LLC, in a contract signed by Armond Budish, $200,000 since 2012, for appearances on Golden Opportunities. Most recently a payment of $25,000 January 13, 2014, and throughout his run for County Executive. The documents also reveal that of the $200,000 since 2012, WKYC received $160,000 via “pass through” from Armond Budish’s Elder Productions LLC. The remaining $40,000 goes to Elder Productions LLC for “production costs”.

Then, that $40,000 disappears. Goes “poof”.

Budish claims on his disclosures, and on video, that he personally has never taken any money from MetroHealth for the TV show, nor any money from Elder Productions. Budish’s $40,000 for “production costs” must go somewhere, but Budish claims not a single penny of it goes to Armond Budish.

The contract also describes MetroHealth, a part of Cuyahoga County government, as a “business associate” of Elder Productions, a term which Armond Budish has never once used to describe appearances by MetroHealth on WKYC air, (nor “sponsor” or “advertiser”) instead referring to them as “guests” or “experts”.

Thought Cuyahoga County was finished with corruption? The only difference between Armond Budish and Jimmy Dimora is fewer trips to Vegas with strippers, and more manufactured labyrinths of front companies. For the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party to conduct a sham stitched up process to endorse a money laundering senior fleecing pimp like this is shameful. This is not why I became a Democrat.

But it is why I’m running for County Executive.

Be notorious.

the exploding russo inevitable from the exploding russo inevitable on Vimeo.