ArmonBudishForCountyExecutive2014Last night at the Shaker Heights Democratic Club joint appearance of Ed FitzGerald and Armond Budish, I was able to ask Budish how much money MetroHealth, a unit of Cuyahoga County, pays Budish’s TV show, Golden Opportunities, his 15 year long fraudulently presented infomercial targeting senior citizens claiming to be “news,” “issues,” everything other than “paid”. Budish’s response is masterful.

First, as far as I can tell, this video is the first time Armond Budish has ever referred to MetroHealth as a sponsor of Golden Opportunities on tape. Budish has never once told his viewers that MetroHealth and the people he interviews from MetroHealth are sponsors. Like all who appear on Golden Opportunities, MetroHealth is always described by Budish to viewers as a “guest” or “expert”. ¬†Budish refers to them on his own website as part of his “team“.

Second, Budish says MetroHealth pays him “nothing,” but pays Budish’s production company, Elder Productions LLC (registered by Budish’s law partner), “funds” he does not describe. Budish then proudly exclaims that he takes “absolutely nothing” from Elder Productions LLC.

If this isn’t money laundering of county taxpayer dollars, I don’t know what is. Budish never answers the original question – How much money does MetroHealth pay Elder Productions LLC? ¬†Then never says where that money goes.

It just goes poof, I guess.

That a sitting elected official, running to directly oversee MetroHealth as county executive, is comfortable proudly describing how he launders taxpayer money, in public, on camera, is precisely why I’m running for county executive.

Be notorious.