Last week I filed an FCC complaint against WKYC that Armond Budish is a senior fleecing pimp whose show Golden Opportunities on Sunday’s at 11.30 am for the last 15 years is paid advertising, fraudulently presenting Armond Budish’s advertisers to viewers as “guests” and “experts” rather than as his sponsors. WKYC responded that because they air a disclaimer before and after Armond Budish’s pimpfest saying “Golden Opportunities is paid for by Elder Productions LLC”, they are in complete compliance with FCC rules.

Not so. Armond Budish aired today, precisely as fraudulently as the last 15 years, despite WKYC receiving the FCC complaint last week. Here’s how Time Warner Cable identifies the Armond Budish gravy train.


And here’s how WKYC identifies Armond Budish’s gravy train online, with the added irony that they label it as “true”.


What’s more, Armond Budish lists Elder Productions LLC on his Ohio Ethics Disclosure form as providing him virtually no income. Every year since 2005, Armond Budish claims Edler Productions LLC provided him between zero and $999 annually. Wanna bet it’s $1?

The bulk of Armond Budish’s income on Ohio Ethics forms comes from his law firm, Budish & Solomon, which is a regular “guest” errr….paid advertiser on Golden Opportunities, which suggests rather strongly that Elder Productions LLC is a front company funneling cash from his advertisers through Armond Budish’s law firm directly to Armond Budish.

ArmonBudishForCountyExecutive2014Who else advertises on Golden Opportunities? A lot of people with business before the Ohio General Assembly, who will also have business before Armond Budish if Armond Budish becomes County Executive. Listed by Armond Budish as his “team”, advertisers include Medical Mutual, MetroHealth, assisted living businesses, financial advisors, and everyone’s favorite, a senior fleecing cosmetic dentist…all the usual suspects who would be quite happy to pay Armond Budish money that Armond Budish doesn’t have to report on a campaign finance filing.

Knowing that Armond Budish has been on air the entirety of his County Executive campaign, not to mention his entire time in the Ohio House, even up to today, what senior fleecing millionaire wouldn’t want to pay a government official handsomely and in secret for some glowing airtime on a “senior citizen issues” television show labeled as “news, local” and “true” by WKYC? While WKYC continually refers to Armond Budish as the “frontrunner” for County Executive?

How very convenient. Having spent a few years working with reformers in the former Soviet Union, I can say with certainty that dictators across the world would praise and seek to copy with exactitude this level of stinking corruption. Which is why I’m running for County Executive.

Be notorious.

the exploding russo inevitable from the exploding russo inevitable on Vimeo.