One would think running against a guy with a sex felony conviction might not be that big of a deal. Don’t ask Armond Budish, whose dark money laundering senior fleecing pimpfest won a stitched up County Democratic Party endorsement meeting today safely kept Russo free.

Executive Director Nick Martin claims somehow I’m not a registered Democrat, so I wasn’t invited, despite 25 years in Ohio Democratic politics. I even participated in this exact same screening process in 2010 when I ran for county council in a Democratic primary. Oh, and this.


I’ve never seen a supposed “frontrunner” so terrified of an ex-offender on his ballot in my entire life. Budish is so scared, he had one of his stooges, the NAACP’s Kent Whitley, first refuse to invite me to the NAACP’s debate at Antioch Baptist Church tomorrow night, then invite me, then the next morning un-invite me, which prompted¬†Antioch’s pastor to send an email to his congregation¬†demanding access to all candidates. After that slapped Whitley into inviting me AGAIN, Whitley then spent all weekend figuring out someway that Armond Budish and Tim Russo never share the same stage. Which he found – Whitley cancelled tomorrow’s debate today without calling Antioch first, blaming “the weather,” after Pastor Davidson told Antioch’s congregation at this morning’s service the debate was on. I’m pretty sure dicking around one of the most historic African American congregations in Ohio won’t play too well.

No matter. Nonviolent resistance to injustice reveals truth, and truth defeats injustice. The truth revealed today is that this Cuyahoga County Democratic Party endorsement process was the most corrupt stitch up I’ve seen since working in post-soviet Armenia in 1997. Which isn’t surprising, given Budish’s black hole of dark money aimed like a fire hose down his senior fleecing mouth.

I’ll see you at the Garfield Hts. Debate on Thursday. You won’t see Budish.